We left Disney on Friday. We got up around 8:00 and left for Epcot some time around 9:30. When we got to Epcot, we went to the Test Track. It was a 40 minute wait when we got there. We waited in line for a while and I checked my IPhone for flight information. It wasn't long before our AirTran flight from Orlando to Atlanta was delayed by 30 minutes - props to AirTran for having great mobile support for their website.

With the pressure off, we took one more ride on the Test Track. It had started to rain by the time we got to the outside portion of the track, so we got a little wet. But overall, this might be my favorite ride at Disney.

We got a couple of FastPass's for the Test Track before leaving. On our way out of the park we like to pick a family to hand the FastPass's to so they don't have to tie up their tickets. I'm not sure how we started doing this, but we now do it as a standard part of leaving the park.

We got back to the hotel and packed up and drove out to the airport. By the time we got there, our plane had been delayed an hour. So we ate lunch and went to the gate. It was packed. The reason for the crowding was all the snow in Atlanta. Flights were delayed left and right. We boarded the plane finally but it wasn't long before they announced another delay. This put the pilot over the limit of his service hours so then we had to wait longer while they found a pilot to replace our pilot. (There was also a rumor that our original pilot wasn't allowed to fly into Atlanta because the ceiling was too low and that we had to wait for a pilot who was qualified at that ceiling height. There was also the rumor that the CEO of AirTran was sitting in A2, so everyone should feel pretty safe.)

In any event, with this added delay, people who wanted to connect in Atlanta started deboarding the plane because they weren't going to be able to make their connections. It was going to be better if they tried to fly directly from Orlando. We paitiently waited it out and left Orlando about 3 hours after we were scheduled.

Flyting to Atlanta was fine except for one brief, pretty violent bit of turbulence. When we landed in Atlanta, the ground was already covered with snow. We took our time getting to the baggage claim and saw there were about 4 bags left on the carousel. I went over to pick our two bags up. When I got the second one, Emily said, "That's not our bag." It was a bag which looked just like ours but it wasn't. We figured the person who owned this bag had picked our bag up by mistake.

After another two hours of getting the baggage claim in, we went to the rental car facility. Atlanta now has this awesomely big rental car facility with its own train service from the terminal. We got the rental car and drove up 85 to the hotel. The drive wasn't to bad. The highway was slightly covered.

AirTran has found our bag and it is with their courrier service. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday but wasn't. They said they would deliver it today.

by Brian
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2/14/2010 6:54 AM