And people also ask what I'm reading lately... What a lot of questions...

I mentioned how much I like Henry and Mudge stories. My Mom got me some on tape from the library that didn't come with books -- but the pictures are the best part, so I don't like those so much.

Last night, she and I read a book about eyes. The black circle in the middle of your eye is a pupil, but I like to call it a peephole. I think that's a good name because it's like a window letting light into your eye.

The night before we read one about cuts and scrapes, and I pretty much blew my pop away when I explained to him about red and white blood cells and platelets.

I also like the princess stories - but my parents don't always seem to want to read those. But that's ok -- we can usually find something to read until bedtime.
by Lily
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7/15/2004 8:16 PM

People ask me, "What's your day like, Lily? What do you do on a normal day?"

So I tell them.

Usually I get up around 9:00am. I always call for my mom and dad to come to my room, where they give me cuddles and hugs and I stretch my body to get it all warmed up for the day. They always seemed to be very interested in how I slept. I always tell them, "Great!" or "Super!".

Then I usually get to watch a little bit of television, although not always. I like to sit on the sofa with my friends, Mickey, Minnie, Nala, and Daphne. We usually watch Dora and Blues Clues in the morning. My dad will sit with me some of the time, but usually he's in his office typing at his computer. Usually I get to eat a little bit of breakfast while I watch tv. My mom will make me some eggs or waffles or pop-tarts or oatmeal or toast. I always have a glass of milk with my breakfast.

On some mornings I might have a shower before getting dressed. I like to take a shower in my parents bathroom. They have a shower on a hose which I can spray where-ever I want while I sit on the shower floor.

Then, I'll get dressed for the day. On some days I'm very particular about what I like to wear. My dad and I went shopping a while ago and got a nice summer dress. It's red, my favorite color. Some of the time it's in the washing machine and I get quite disappointed.

Usually I have something to do during the day. Either a play date or a class or going to a park. Lately, my mom has been taking me to a nice place where she exercises and I play with some other kids in a big room. Some days my parents have errands they have to get done and I go along for the ride.

I've been having swimming class lately. It's late in the day and we come home and eat dinner afterwards right away. After dinner, my mom and dad and I all go for a walk around the block. Usually we see a cat named Sagwah. I like to pet her and watch when she scratches her claws on a scratching post. She always wants to follow me home but my parents always chase her back to her owners house. I like her quite a bit.

Then I'll play for a while and have a night time snack and take my vitamin. My mom then usually puts me to bed and reads me a couple of stories. On some nights I like to listen to stories on the stereo and follow along in a book. My current favorite stories to listen to are Henry and Mudge. Henry is a little boy and Mudge is his dog. Other nights I like to listen to the music from one of my movies - like Tarzan or Alladin. Usually, I fall asleep around 11:00pm.

That's my day.
by Lily
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7/15/2004 10:27 AM

People have asked how's my summer going. Well, I'm having a great time. I'm getting bigger and bigger all the time. Last weekend I went to a birthday party at Heather's house. There weren't many kids there that I knew but I still had a great time. They used Dora the Explorer as a theme for the party and had a scavenger hunt modeled after one of Dora's adventures. Being as Dora is one of my favorite heroines right now, I enjoyed the party immensely.

Some of my other favorite things include Tarzan and Blues Clues right now. I like listening to the Tarzan CD and dancing with my father in the living room. He plays Tarzan and I play Jane. Some of the time he talks just like Tarzan.

I am taking swimming lessons at Northwest Aerials four times a week. This week I put my whole face under the water. During other times of the year I like to take Dance and Gymnastics classes at NWA. I am also taking a soccer class which I like very much.

I usually have at least one play date a week. Every Thursday, I go over to Claire's house or she comes over to mine. I have also had playdates with Naveen, Paige, and Alexa this summer. I also get to play with the two boys next door, Blake and Ian. I like to play chasing games with them.

I miss school a little bit but I saw Miss Kelley and Miss Jennifer at a festival that my parents took me to last week.
by Lily
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7/15/2004 10:05 AM

Mom and I stopped out at Toys R Us (a great store if you haven't been there before) and she got me a brand new Care Bear's scooter. So far I've used it to go around the block with my mom and dad. When I get a little better I'm going to ride it to my school - it's only about 5 miles away.
by Lily
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5/20/2004 11:54 PM

I'm a little sad to be leaving Disney World. I had a great time visiting all these cool mouses (Mickey and Minnie) and dogs (Goofy and Pluto), riding the rides, and seeing the fireworks. Mom, Dad, and I went swimming alot and that was really great.
by Lily
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5/6/2004 12:43 PM

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