Today was our last day in Atlanta. It all started on Friday when we left Orlando.

  • We were delayed 3 hours in Orlando
  • We had a very brief episode of some of the worse turbulence I've ever felt on the way to Atlanta.
  • We landed in Atlanta in a bad snow storm.
  • AirTran lost our bag on Friday's flight and didn't get it back to us until Sunday.
  • We left the airport after making a baggage claim 2 hours late.
  • We drove to the airport in a bad snow storm and got into the hotel at 9:30 instead of the scheduled arrival time of 3:30.

But our visit was very nice. On our last day here in Atlanta, Lily spent it with Audrey over at Mark and Davene's. I spent the day helping David and my mom get some things straightened away at the house. We ended the evening with Mark stopping over after his first day at work at Sterling Commerce and David's birthday celebration. We all had a big discussion about what mom might like to happen in the next year in terms of assisted living. Wow!

by Brian
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2/15/2010 5:39 PM