So all these years c-span has been around, where was I?

Tonite there was the army & marine chief of staffs talking to some Congressional committee (armed services?) about Iraq. One subject -- the original humvees were inadequately armored for the kind of fighting there, so they are working to up-armor the humvees. The army has 6 vendors working on it, 5 of them providing up-armor kits to be applied to existing humvees and only 1 manufacturing new humvees with the enhanced armor. But the kits only provide partial protection -- they are limited in weight by the original humvee's engine/frame etc. The army is "working on" and talking to "ceo's" about manufacturing more humvees with enhanced armor.

Last nite: Bush talking to a group at Fidelity - where his speech was about the economy and might have been more suited to a jr high school class. Broad statements and simplifications that you would think that audience too sophisticated to put up with. But who walks out on the President...

by Emily
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1/31/2004 3:11 AM